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Not Facebookless, but less Facebook

I deleted the FB app from my phone at the end of May. I've still got the app on my iPad and I still go to the site on the computer, but I need a break from that place. I've discovered that a lot of the posts I make are 1) just looking to create interaction with others [which is fine and practically the main reason the site was created], 2) relatively short snippets that are probably better suited to twitter, or 3) pictures.

My discomfort with Facebook these days has less to with what I'm posting, however, and a lot more to do with all the sides and facets I see of others. On the one hand, I LOVE some of the relationships Facebook helps me to create and build. The interactions I'm having with my brother and sister-in-law, for instance. I don't get to see them often, and we don't know each other well enough to spend time talking on the phone, so FB affords us a way to become friends again. It helps keep me connected to them.

But there are also some down sides to FB. I've had interactions with people I thought I knew fairly well that turned into your basic "anonymous internet troll" interaction. Every time this happens, I'm blindsided. We KNOW each other! Why would you attack someone, especially someone you know in person and with whom you don't have an antagonistic relationship, with so much anger on a relatively public site? This definitely makes additional face-to-face interactions uncomfortable.

Facebook also brings home that as time passes, people change. Sometimes a little. Sometimes a lot. Sometimes so much that it's hard to recognize some friends or family members anymore. Sometimes people change enough that they're no longer compatible with you. Maybe you change, too. You probably do, but it's a lot harder to tell with yourself, of course.

At first, I was still looking at Facebook on my phone's browser. But for the past week or so, I've found that I have no interest in looking at Facebook. Even on the iPad or the computer. I still want to keep up with friends, but I don't know that I want to do it there. This, of course, puts me at a disadvantage, since everyone pretty much uses FB for communicating with each other.

I'm working on the balance. Do any of you avoid FB? Or use it too much? How have you found a middle ground?

A Memory of Light

Just finished the final book of the Wheel of Time.  Not gonna lie, I feel a bit gutted. I've gone through almost an entire box of Kleenex. That's all I think I'll say for now.

Songs do it for me

Florence and the Machine's "Hurricane Drunk" is such a great song. It's probably just comforting to know that there are other people as broken as I've been.

I hate to beat a dead horse...

...but this whole foot thing is unpleasant. I can't do anything without the help of a bunch of other people. Putting people out is not really high on my list of things I enjoy doing. I can't drive right now, so I rely on other people to get me to and from work. I had a class this weekend out of town that I can now no longer attend due to this injury. It's so frustrating. Basically, starting tomorrow, I'm relegated to the house until Thursday morning. I have a walking boot on now, so that helps a little bit with mobility, but my foot hurts constantly. I wish it would just heal, but frankly, it looks exactly the same as it did 5 days ago. I'm really worried that we're going to have to cancel our summer trip to New York. So incredibly disappointing. Why can't I just heal like a normal person?!

Mid Summer Update!

DOGS! We just adopted the world's cutest Australian Cattle Dog. She's tiny and has the sweetest smiling face. She loves all people (NOT an ACD trait) and would prefer to sit on your feet all day to just about anything else. Currently, she's laying on the floor next to my chair, grooming her head like a cat. She's 7 1/2 years old and came with the name Jetta. We're keeping the pronunciation the same, but have changed the spelling to Jette. And even if someone pronounced the name as Jet, it would be in keeping because she's a little energy ball when let loose outside. Redoing the back steps was on our list, but down the road. She promptly wriggled her way through the railing bars, thus bumping the stair/handrail/gate redo up to a much higher priority.

Speaking of renovations, we have a new home. I can't remember if I've already mentioned, but we purchased a single-family home in Somerville. We have our own driveway, albeit a tiny one (I'm constantly worried I'm going to take out the neighbor's cable when I open the passenger side door of my car) and a YARD. It has GRASS. And a patio. In Somerville. The street is so quiet, I swear it's like being in the suburbs, but then you walk 20 minutes and you're in Porter or Davis. Eric can get to work in downtown Boston in 40 minutes or less. This is an increase from our old place, but frankly, nothing could beat our old place for convenience. It was perfect, in that respect. In almost every other respect, it fell short. Very very short.

So now, we have a two story, three bedroom house in need of a bathroom reno, an addition, a basement refinishing, an additional bathroom, a vaulted ceiling over the staircase, shade in the backyard, and an updated kitchen. But even with all the updates needed, it's still brilliant. I'm going to repaint the downstairs, and maybe knockout part of a wall. I will play Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer while I do so.

In unfortunate news, the new doggie and the old doggie had a fight two nights ago and my foot took the brunt of the anger. I got a puncture wound on my right ankle which is currently angry and swollen. I'd guess that the puncture came from Jette, but other bruising on the top of my foot was a mixture of her and Lucas. It hit an artery and possibly the tendon. Time will tell how bad it actually is, but let me just say that showering is a difficult endeavor.

So, house. Dog. Medical issue. That's all new that's gone on thus far. Stay tuned for more updates, 'cause more things are in the works for the rest of the year.

Married! And housed! Soon to be new dogged!

People of Live Journal! It's so good to see your smiling faces. Just a quick update, as I don't have pictures handy. I married some dude on June 16. He and I closed on a single-family home in Somerville that comes complete with a yard and a driveway. Score! At the end of the month, we will be acquiring another dog. An Australian Cattle Dog who is 7 years old and mostly blind. Should be fun! We can't wait to meet her.

Patio furniture? I'm such an adult!

I went to Milford, MA today to pick up a small teak wood table, chairs and umbrella stand for our new place. It needs a little repair, but we're pretty happy with it. Coupled with our tall metal table, I think we're set for patio furniture. Now we need an umbrella.

Keeping with the new house theme, I'm going to begin the dreaded cleaning of the spare room. It'll be a slog, that's for sure.

(See what I'm doing here? I'm posting to LiveJournal regularly-ish!)

Mid-2012 Update!

Hey-yo! Been a while since I posted, but thought I would hop on for a bit. Let's see, it's 2012, almost 2 years since the last post.

Here's some news:
We currently have two cats and one dog (we lost Ronin in May 2011). We are finally getting married this year. June 16, 2012. The venue's all paid for and everything. We are also buying a single-family home in Somerville (yayayayayayayayayayay!) that's bigger than our current place and has both a driveway and a yard. This is so awesome, I can't even express it.

I'm working on calligraphy these days. My main focus right now is Roman Caps. Let me tell you, for a style that is so ubiquitous, these bad boys are HARD. Really really hard. Without even trying, my skill at Italic calligraphy has increased ten-fold due to my concentration on just trying to draw a straight line for Roman Caps. I've had three weekend-long classes on this stuff and my teacher (the excellent Reggie Ezell) told us that it took him 6 months, 3 hours a day to get anywhere near proficient at these. Wow. Intimidating, but encouraging.

Just like with knitting, there are so many things to think about in creation of the letters. Holding and moving the pen correctly is a huge part of it, as is holding the needles and entering the stitch correctly to form a piece of knitting. But there's also the viscosity of the writing fluid, the preparation of the pen nib, the lightness of hand, the quality of the paper, etc. It all influences the final outcome, so only practicing the letter forms won't get you very far. From experience, I know that the only way to get better is to practice a lot. So I will. I really love doing this, and, much like knitting, I expect to be frustrated at the beginning, but over time, see improvements.

When I came here to write this post, livejournal asked me if I wanted to recover a previously unposted post. I did, and it's below. Apparently, I was writing something just after January 1, 2011. Let's see what's up with that:  
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It's well into Fall now

It sure is, and we've got the temperatures to prove it!! It's a dusty overcast color outside right now, and most of the leaves have fallen from the trees. By the time Thanksgiving gets here, it'll be well and truly cold, I'm sure.

Most important issue at this time: THE GIANTS WON THE WORLD SERIES LAST NIGHT OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!

It is awesome and fantastic and it sucks that I'm 3000 miles away from all the super happy celebratory people. Most everyone around here didn't even realize baseball was still happening. Still, the guy who sits in the cube in front of mine is also a life-long Giants fan, so we have my SF hats decorating our cubes. Go Giants!! We love you guys!

Little (the new cat, who has many different names, but is only really called Little) has settled in just fine. She's weird, being a semi-feral cat who is now living as an indoor cat. She puts her whole lower jaw in the water bowl when drinking--at first I thought she had a drooling problem, but no. Just a head dunking problem. Abel has finally gotten used to her, mostly. And she routinely pops the dogs in the face when they get too close.

So cute!

Saturday begins!

It's the end of July! This pains me greatly. It's just that much closer to cold, unpleasant weather, and I'm already stressing myself out thinking about how we won't be able to go on a vacation to warmer climes in January/February. Ugh.

But that's not right now! Today, the weather is positively west coast-ian and that makes me giddy. When the weather is like this, I feel that I can get so much more done in my day! I've just eaten a bagel, am currently drinking my coffee and will shortly go to the gym, where I will obliterate myself for a bit. Following that (and a shower, of course) it'll be time for home improvements. Here's a list of things I need to do, some this weekend, some just in general:
  • Laundry
  • Strip and refinish coffee table
  • Wash and block several recently (and not so recently) knitted items
  • Wash walls and baseboards in the hallway
  • Scrub then mop hardwood floors
  • Refinish cat chest litterbox holder and secure base in place with waterproof (you know the kind of water I'm talking about) caulk
  • Search, for the millionth time, for the pink, unframed woodcutting that matches the blue one already in the living room
  • Pick paint colors for the living room and discuss with landlord
  • Put up sheers and curtains in the living room (again, landlord will have to assist due to the next bullet point)
  • Repair the holes and huge cracks (different, but time-consuming, techniques for each) in our plaster walls so that refinishing or hanging paintings or hanging curtain rods, etc., can commence
  • Weedwhack the backyard
  • Dump the dirt (why is it there?! Why??? Who puts regular ol' dirt in a TRASH BARREL??) out of the lidless trash barrel on the side of the house and mark the barrel as trash

Hmm, this list rapidly moved out of  "weekend chores" territory and into "massive home improvement" territory. Maybe I should stick to washing floors and refinishing furniture.

Eric is in gym clothes now and staring at me, so I guess I'd best get moving. Yay Weekend!